Liquid Tech Vital Detail Pack
Liquid Tech Vital Detail Pack

Liquid Tech Vital Detail Pack

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Vital Detailing Pack Overview


Transform your car with the Vital Detailing Pack by Liquid Tech. This premium set includes everything you need to achieve a showroom shine and maintain your vehicle inside and out.

- Premium Snow Foam: Safely lifts dirt without stripping protection, leaving a streak-free shine.

- All-Purpose Cleaner: Versatile and powerful, perfect for both interior and exterior surfaces.

- Iron Fallout & Decontaminate: Removes tough contaminants for a smooth, spotless finish.

- Bodywork Shampoo: Luxurious formula for a deep clean and water-repellent finish.

- Tyre Finish: Gives tyres a long-lasting, deep black shine.

- Glass Cleaner: Streak-free formula for crystal-clear windows and mirrors.

- Interior Cleaner: Leaves all interior surfaces spotless and residue-free.

- Leather Cleaner & Conditioner: Restores and maintains the suppleness of leather interiors.


Elevate your car care routine with Liquid Tech’s Vital Detailing Pack for a pristine, professional finish every time.

Ultra Snow Foam 500ml

All Purpose Cleaner 500ml

Decontaminant & iron remover

Shampoo 500ml

Tyre Finish

Glass Cleaner

Interior Clean

2in1 Leather Cleaner