RA-X721DAB | Car Stereo.
RA-X721DAB | Car Stereo.
RA-X721DAB | Car Stereo
RA-X721DAB | Car Stereo
RA-X721DAB | Car Stereo
RA-X721DAB | Car Stereo
RA-X721DAB | Car Stereo
RA-X721DAB | Car Stereo
RA-X721DAB | Car Stereo

RA-X721DAB | Car Stereo

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7" Touchscreen with Smartphone Connectivity

Enhance your car’s connectivity with the RA-X721DAB. With advanced iOS/Android compatibility, stream music, podcasts take HANDSFREE calls and much more. A hub of connectivity, all displayed on a bright and brilliant 7” capacitive touchscreen.

7" Capacitive Touchscreen

The RA-X721DAB offers an effortless response when using the intuitive capacitive touchscreen, even when lightly touched by a finger. Capacitive screens are like smartphone screens and are much more responsive than Resistive screens. Resistive screens have more layers, meaning images can appear distorted and are more susceptible to scratches.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The RA-X721 seamlessly connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, ensuring local laws are obeyed. Wireless hands-free calling and music streaming with artist, album and song search. Simple pairing and control make life in your vehicle safer and more convenient.

small & compact form factor

HUGE Specification


GPS connectivity enables intuitive navigation and map applications to help with safety and conditions.


Bluetooth hands-free connectivity for smartphone use of audio streaming and calls.


Capacitive touchscreen for seamless touch recognition.

Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

3rd party app connectivity via your favourite OS utilising Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Reversing Camera

Reversing camera connectivity to aid with parking. Road Angel Reversing Cameras sold separately.


DAB+ gives you a greater spectrum of efficiency, allowing more radio stations to be picked up.

DAB+ Digital Radio

Utilise all the bandwidth available, with DAB+.

The RA-X721DAB efficiently allows 3x more data to be received, ensuring a high-fidelity audio experience for listeners. Whilst broadcasting over 180 stations nationwide.

Satellite Navigation

There are a number of 3rd party satellite navigation apps which work with the Road Angel Car Stereo. They wirelessly offer real-time traffic and other information accessible on the large 7" capacitive display.

Steering Wheel Control Ready

The RA-X721DAB is compatible with steering wheel controls.

Plug 'n' Play into over 300 cars!

additional parts needed, sold separately.*

Audio & Visual Customisation

Multiple audio and video customisation options enable you to enjoy multimedia just how you like it with fully adjustable audio tuning.

Parking Assist

External camera functionality allows you to add a camera as a parking aid when visibility is low. camera sold separately*

That's Right. All your favourite apps, in one place.

From Google Maps to Waze, Apple Music and Spotify - all your favourite apps from your mobile device now link seamlessly in your car.

SCREEN Liquid Crystal 7inch Capacitive Multi-Touch
AMPLIFICATION RCA High Voltage Pre-Out, 4x50W Output
CONNECTIVITY Apple Car Play, Android Auto, Bluetooth
REVERSE CAM INPUT RA8100 Recommended
DAB SMB Connector
DIMENSIONS 100mm x 178.1mm x 168mm
Accreditation Logos