Is a Dashcam worth having?

I always wondered if these dash cams were worth having but after being involved in an accident that was not my fault I thought it best to have one to be safe.

I must say after having my Road Angel for a few months I think I need to share my experience. I use the Road Angel Halo Pro which is the dual camera system, I opted for Road Angel as is a trusted brand and a great product at a very reasonable price. I love the fact it has no screen and the app is great and simple to use. It also allows for the changing of the wi-fi password which is a must in my opinion, a great feature alone.

My grandkids love watching the live video footage as I drive from the rear of the car, it keeps them entertained.

The GPS mapping is great too, I love the fact I can see where my car has been and how it was driven, all downloaded to my phone, so when my family takes the car out I know lol. Also great feature to calculate my company mileage claim.

I don’t find the need to ever remove the SD card however I do it once in a while and copy all the videos across to my laptop for safe keeping. Always great to watch when driving through lovely scenic view, I am hoping for snow so I can have some lovely video footage!

I love the fact my camera records all the time. At night time is the best. Someone broke into my Son’s car and my Road Angel camera got them caught, everything was recorded by my camera. The video footage is nice and clear even at night times. The rear camera covers the view from the back of the car and the wide angel is great, you capture everything. Since having my Road Angel I find it like a mobile CCTV system as it records all the time I have video footage where ever I park my car.

Now all my family has had them installed and my neighbours too. We have our own Road Angel Neighbourhood watch scheme.

So you can see that having a Road Angel Dash Camera not only there for safety but has a recreational aspect too. My advice is it is an absolute must for all Vehicles.

Stay safe and have peace of mind.