Are Wales going to perform a U-turn (where possible) on the 20mph limit?

Are Wales going to perform a U-turn (where possible) on the 20mph limit?

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As you may be aware, Wales implemented a change in the 30mph speed limit that reduced it, in some areas, to 20mph - as we covered in this article, here. This doesn't affect every 30mph speed limit, but it affects a fairly large amount of them.

It has come to light that local Welsh councillors have called for the 20mph speed limit to be 'u-turned' & put back to 30mph, as reported by Nation Cymru.

What does this mean for the 20mph speed limit in Wales?

It means that it could potentially be reverted back to 30mph.

The proposal, which was submitted to the Cardiff Council, calls for urgent testing & a review being called, with Cardiff Council having to present their findings after 3 months before a motion is put in place to revert the speed limit back to 30mph. 

What happens to the 20mph speed limit then?

Local communities will be holding discussions on a case-by-case basis to determine which roads are required to be 20mph, which we can assume would be built-up areas with high risk amenities, such as schools, shopping districts and hot spots.

To begin with, all roads would revert back to 30mph, but again - this is only after vigorous testing and reviewing has been performed and reported.

How likely is the speed limit to change?

With over 450,000 signatures being signed to the petition to get the speed limit reverted to 30mph, by the public within Wales, with a negative impact on the economy, increased congestion, and increased call out times for emergency services, being at the top of the list of concerns - we can probably suggest it'd be reverted.

Given the widespread concern for this change, if the report from testing comes back negative, it'll be a clear-cut case of reverting the speed limit across the country, and then roads that should be 20mph will be open for discussion and further review.