What is Winter Mode?

What is Winter Mode?

Are you worried about cold weather ruining your dash cam footage when away from the vehicle? Learn about Road Angel’s Winter Mode feature.

With cold weather being common right now, you may have experienced your windscreen being affected by these harsh conditions. Cold weather can cause windscreens to freeze over when the car is turned off. This can be a problem for dash cam users who intend to record footage when away from their vehicle.

However, this is not a problem for Road Angel dash camera users due to the unique Winter Mode feature!

What is Winter Mode?

With winter mode, you will never have to worry about your dash camera recording a frosty windscreen! Winter Mode will clear any frost or ice around the camera to allow smooth and clear recording in any weather.

How does it work?

With winter mode, the dash camera will be operating 24 hours a day in a “slow” mode, generating enough heat to keep the windscreen clear from harsh weather conditions. Once the unit detects movement, it will enter “live” mode, being able to record through a clear windscreen without any obstructions.

Winter Mode can be enabled by connecting your dash camera to your vehicle via the approved Road Angel hardwire kit. Once the hardwire kit is installed, your camera will be able to record any movement it detects through a clear windscreen.

Winter Mode will help to keep your windscreen clear from:

  • Rain

  • Ice

  • Snow

  • Fog