10 Facts About The Road Angel Pure

10 Facts About The Road Angel Pure

Once lockdown came to an "end" in 2021, things slowly returned to normal, which resulted in more and more people being back on the road with their Road Angel Pure.

Here are 10 things you may or may not know about your Road Angel Pure.

  1. Hardwired mode – 

    Tired of turning the device off every time you are finished with it? The Road Angel Pure can detect when power from the ignition has been disconnected, shutting the unit down automatically 60 seconds later. This can be found in the display options of the configurator. Please refer to point 10 for guidance on configuring.

    Points to note:

    • This mode can be overridden should you power the device on manually

    • The above will only apply if your 12V accessory point is running off an ignition switch feed or if you are running the Road Angel 5V hardwire kit

  2. Compass 

    The Pure has a compass in the top corner of the display screen with a red dot which pivots around the compass. The red dot represents the position of true north, and will change depending on which direction you are driving. 

    Road Angel Pure
  3. Auto standby feature 

    This allows the unit to auto power down when it detects no movement. This feature can be of great use if you use your Pure without any cables, easing the need to manually power it down after your journey. 

  4. Unit data page 

    Tap the power button 3-4 times to refer to what the device is seeing for quick self-troubleshooting. You can also check your subscription and firmware status.

  5. Different display screen 

    Every Road Angel Pure device offers the choice between three display screens: one in bold font, one with no icons and one with icons in normal font. The power button also controls the 3 different display screens. Simply tap the power button once to cycle between each one. 

  6. Intelligent mute 

    The Road Angel Pure allows you to mute the device automatically when certain parameters are met. You can change the ‘Limit adjust’ setting in the Road Angel app to automatically mute the device when a certain speed is met, such as the speed limit.

  7. A wide variety of Pure accessories

    Did you know there are a wide range of accessories to optimise your Road Angel Pure to fit your driving preference? Things like the windscreen mount, suction cup adapters, hardwire kit, screen protector pack and more available from Road Angel.

  8. Configurable alerts  

    The Pure has over 20 different types of sounds you can configure the deep alert for. If you prefer, you can configure each independent alert to a particular sound, recognising the alert without having to glance onto the screen or wait for the voice sound which follows.

  9. OTA firmware update  

    We were so impressed with the over the air firmware update ability of the flagship Pure Touch so we have trickled this feature down to its younger brother. Simply make sure your device is running 677 firmware for this feature. 

  10. Wi-Fi hotspot  

    You can configure your Pure device as a Wi-Fi hotspot. The steps for doing this are as follows:

    • Hold down mute button, release and press again when prompted to link the Wi-Fi hotspot of Pure to your phones Wi-Fi settings and ensure your 4G is turned off

    • Go into the app, click Main Menu and “Read Device”

    • Wait for “read completed” before changing your settings in Audio, Alert and Display options accordingly. 

    • Save these settings by clicking “update device” under the main menu.